9 Ways These Yoga Pregnancy Leggings
Saved My Life
  • By Jade M.

    Last Updated Apr 2, 2024

Expecting moms call these yoga pregnancy leggings a lifesaver — designed for comfort and support, they take the pressure off your legs, give your belly a little lift, and make you feel lighter… but the most shocking thing is how good their butt looks in them!

1. Easy To Move In
There’s a reason they’re the #1 choice for pregnancy gym leggings.

New mamas know how hard it is to do the simple things like bend over, walk up stairs, or even get in and out of the car… Especially in the 3rd trimester!

Lasora leggings are designed as yoga pregnancy leggings, so they’re stretchy and offer LOTS more support — reducing tension in your legs, calves, butt, and belly. Bending over, standing up and sitting down feel smooth and pain-free!
2. Let’s Your Body Breathe
The leggings are made with a premium, soft and stretchy fabric. It moves with your body and doesn’t bunch or sag. The material is breathable so you won’t overheat during hot flashes, and you’ll stay comfortable in both cool and warm temperatures.

Whether you’re inside for hours for a self-care day, or running errands and all over the place, the leggings keep you snug, supported, and cozy.

3. Gently “Lifts” Your Belly ( feel lighter!)
Want to know how to lower back pain from pregnancy in the third trimester?

This is where the Lasora leggings truly stand out from other maternity-wear. Its ultra-soft, breathable fabric gives a gentle lift to your belly.

This pulls pressure off your lower back, dissolves tension in your thighs and makes it so much easier to move around. Once you feel the difference, you’ll fall in love!

4. Compression For Your Legs
The leggings are specially designed to give continual, even compression to your calves. This reduces swelling, prevents fatigue and keeps you comfortable all day long.

Compression is so important to improve circulation for pregnant ladies. And it’s especially vital in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Most ladies say they don’t have those aches and pains when they wear Lasora leggings.
5. Just Plain Cozy!
This should really be the #1 reason. And it’s the #1 reason ladies say they love the Lasora leggings.

New mamas know how uncomfortable it gets going into the 3rd trimester. Walking, standing, even sitting become a chore.

That’s why the right pair of leggings can change our life. Feeling supported, lighter, and more “put together” means the world on those days we feel like we’re falling apart.

6. Easy To Get Them On & Off
We don’t want no stinkin buttons, zippers, or drawstrings!

These leggings are stretchy and soft — just pull them on and you’re good to go. They won’t sag or bunch; just gently hug your body and support your bump.

It’s no wonder some ladies say they even love to keep them on when they take naps.

7. You Look CUTE In Them
Maybe it’s superficial, but it matters…

It’s easy for pregnancy to challenge your self-esteem. That’s why it’s so nice when a woman can find something that helps her feel a little cuter on those days things just feel “off.”

Lasora s designed by women and adored by new moms. It’s a small pleasure that lowers stress and keeps spirits high!

8. Over 30,000 Moms Give Lasora™ 5-Stars
Not all maternity wear is the same. And when you find your “perfect fit,” your life changes.

Suddenly, pregnancy goes from a stressful chore to something that feels more comfortable and easy to manage.

“A pregnancy essential for me. Good support and flexibility, allows me to exercise at the gym, and go about my day hassle-free. Can wear them all day, every day, and still look and feel great.” — Anna R.
9. They’re 60% OFF For Their Spring Special
Spring is in the air, and that’s why Lasora’s giving their biggest discount ever.

At 60% OFF,you can grab a pair for less than a week of Starbucks

Hurry, though! They’ve been selling out quick ever since American moms discovered how cozy these pregnancy yoga leggings are.

Editor’s Note: Besides being more affordable than other popular brands, Lasora also gives you a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!





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